Hey! I'm Dmítry

A DevOps Engineer.

A short story about me

I am Dmitry Kovalenko, a seasoned DevOps Engineer from Kiev, Ukraine, with 2+ years' experience in making coupling between business and IT operations tighter and embracing new tech trends, currently working at IronSource, the industry leader in digital advertisement. Outside of work, I write and play music, and also enjoy urban photography.

My Experience

DevOps Engineer at IronSource

since 2020

IronSource is a digital advertising company with millions of daily users. I currently work as a DevOps Engineer here, helping support and improve high-load infrastructure with plenty of modern technologies: Kafka, Aerospike, Consul, Kubernetes.

DevOps Engineer & Software Engineer at SaintIP

2017–2020 (2 yrs 9 mos)

A multi-SaaS startup (ChatOps, B2B SaaS/IaaS). My responsibilities included typical DevOps activities such as CI/CD pipeline development with tools like GitLab CI, Docker, AWS ECS, core infrastructure design using Terraform, AWS, Packer, Ansible, Consul and Vault, multi-cluster Kubernetes deployment and management, software architecture and development (Python, Node.JS, Go) and monitoring setup (Prometheus, Grafana, ELK, Sentry, AWS CloudWatch)

System Administrator at Sabbia

2017–2020 (2 yrs 5 mos)

Sabbia is a small distribution company, and my activities there were mostly related to conventional system administration, though I applied some DevOps practices there such as IaC and CI/CD tools. I also developed some software, i.e. GPS tracking and routing service.